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Supporting the small business economy is more important than ever in the wake of COVID-19 and the damage it has done to the wider economy. Backr simplifies and streamlines the process of setting up a business in Australia, removing many of the traditional roadblocks and points of confusion.

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  • Setting up a business in Australia can be a complicated and confusing process. The client engaged us to help them design and build a web platform that would simplify this process, and guide new and aspiring business owners through it. The platform would need to adhere to Australian regulatory guidelines, provide the same depth and accuracy of information as official government sources, run seamlessly on a range of desktop devices, and incorporate UX best practices to create an easy, intuitive experience.

  • Backr is anchored in an intimate understanding of the platform's end users, which we achieved through intensive user research. We then worked with our client to create a user journey that encompassed every essential step. We designed a task system and clear, step-by-step instructions to ensure users would be able to navigate the experience easily. We relied on official government sources for information to ensure accuracy, and linked out to these credible sources when necessary. Additionally, we set up direct integrations to government sites, allowing tasks to be completed within Backr.

  • When Backr launched in September 2020, it garnered widespread media attention. This included features in the Adviser, the Australian, and AFR (the Australian Financial Review). The platform has facilitated the registration of many new businesses, fulfilling its purpose of supporting the Australian small business economy and aspiring business owners.

  • We provide product management, product design, frontend and backend for Backr. We handled both the backend and frontend development of the platform, incorporating Azure cloud services. The platform is both secure and reliable. As an example, when our third-party email list provider experienced an outage for 4 hours, we successfully retained thousands of sign-ups without any visible service interruption for Backr users. We are continually adding new functionality to the product, releasing several times a week.