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Smart phones such as the iPhone 5S are a ubiquitous, integral part of our lives. Their protection and ease of use are important to us – we demand a phone’s accessories respond harmoniously to the rigours of our daily lives. We want to be free of cables – we want protection, complete ease of use and style! The Backbone combines the freedom of a unique wireless charging platform with a series of interchangeable, ruggedised and distinctively styled casings – designed and developed in Australia, with the approval of Apple’s Made For iPhone program (MFi).

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  • Want to just grab that call but firstly you need to free your phone from its cradle or charge cable? The Backbone allows you to seamlessly 'drop n charge' - no cables, no fussing. The clean, simple charge pad design provides a minimal desk foot print to easily land your phone on, promptly charging on/off every time you replace your phone. With the Backbone, the technology is not restricted to one standard casing design - the wireless module can be interchanged with a range of three casings designs in five colours, allowing us to personalise our own style.

  • Created to meet Apple MFi requirements and with a worldwide patent, the Backbone is built to exacting standards. The design allows complete user access to the functionality of the iPhone 5S, without any reduction in sound quality or antenna reception. The headphone access allows for easy insertion of the standard iPhone headphone jack and an adapter is provided for larger connections. The custom developed induction charge circuit provides wireless charge rates as fast as direct cable charging. On-the-go connectivity is provided by an auxiliary mirco USB, providing complete mobile flexibility without the need to ever remove the casing.

  • Mil spec 810F - Backbone is built tough. The ruggedised combination of impact absorbing elastomeric outer and tough polycarbonate internal mouldings provide ultimate protection for both the iPhone 5S itself and the Backbone wireless charge technology. Careful attention was paid to every detail of the Backbone, ensuring it strength and reliability - from the intricate ultrasonic welding of the wireless module, to the seamless actuation of the phone buttons and the optimising of the insert moulding production process.

  • Slim, light weight, unobtrusive. The Backbone functionality is contained in a cleverly minimised envelope, comparable in thickness to any other standard protective phone casing. Great lengths were taken by the design engineering teams to optimise each part - achieving a design that is both slim and sleek, as well as providing the protection and build quality demanded. The backbone is also Qi compatible - the most globally recognized wireless charging standard. Used within a growing number of Qi 'hotspots' such as The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf chain stores in the US, London Heathrow Airport and New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport.

    For the convenience of on-the-go power, a lithium polymer battery version of the Backbone is also provided. Easily interchangeable with the wireless module, the Backbone battery provides a full charge to the iPhone without having to remove the casing.