Avino Media

  • 2015

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

Designed By:

  • Spacespace Studio

Commissioned By:

Avino Media

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As a creator of on-trend, tailored video solutions, Avino Media required an outlet to present their creative capabilities. Avinomedia.com presents an immersive, full-screen experience to captivate the audience, with the interface frequently receding to reveal beautiful videos and motion graphics in their original and considered widescreen formats.

Attention to detail is paramount across the site, with subtle animations and appropriate transitions complimenting the visually engaging and emotive style of Avino Media’s creative work.

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  • The interface design is specifically crafted to leave Avino Media's creative work the centre of attention. The use of dark backgrounds with bright highlights draws strong focus to particular regions and actions whilst minimising conflicts with the movement of video content. When engaged in a video, the user interface complete leaves the viewport to remove distractions and present the works in a cinematic format. The layout is prepared to provide a scaling experience, from simple touch interaction on mobiles and tables, to wide, animated pages and transitions on higher powered devices and desktops.

  • Usability is first and foremost in avinomedia.com . Menus are presented consistently but creatively to enable a feeling of familiarity whilst reflecting Avino Media's creative vision, text content is presented simply and cleanly to maintain readability, whilst video content is presented full-screen to enable a greater immersion in the work. Interactions are intuitive, and transitions and animations help develop an understanding of location whilst journeying through the website. Mobile-first responsive design ensures compatibility on all devices, with progressive enhancement extending the experience as device performance allows.

  • Avinomedia.com exhibits a variable column layout which presents video and text content seamlessly. This flexible layout allows prioritisation of video content on desktops, whilst presenting text with a higher importance on smaller devices. The use of a professional video hosting service, integrated with a content management system, allows the client to make changes, and add and remove projects, without impacting the local server load. This also makes use of the video hosting services content distribution network and formatting for specific devices. Furthermore, ongoing support and maintenance from the video service ensure maximum performance and stability.

  • Attention to detail has been important throughout the entire project, from user experience design to development, to ensure an exemplary experience. Following from a discovery phase, the user experience design was iterated to provide a minimal and intuitive exploration through the works, from an introduction of the brand, examples of work, details of services, to some frequently asked questions, all to instil a value of service, and eliminate any hesitations a customer may have in reaching out.

    From the outset, avinomedia.com was designed with the consideration of the client's price point, quality of work, and engagement process, to ensure these values were efficiently communicated through the work, and that the experience enhanced the brand. Integration with social media, and consistent branding, help unified the presentation of Avino Media across a number of networks, whilst significantly increasing their exposure and the ease-of-access to their show-reel and works.