Audi A3 Sedan

  • 2014

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    Automotive and Transport

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  • Audi AG

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Audi AG

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The A3 Sedan is the first-ever compact sedan from Audi. The A3 Sedan features sporty proportions with short overhangs, sharp creases and clean lines. It follows Audi’s ‘coupe-like’ styling language. The A3 Sedan scored the highest rating of any small car on the market in its ANCAP safety evaluation. It uses high-strength steels and aluminium to reduce weight, and as always from Audi, the quality of interior finish is exceptional. Ergonomic MMI touch user interaction and advanced assistance systems from the luxury class ensure that the new A3 Sedan sets a new benchmark for compact luxury motoring.

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  • The Audi A3 scored 36.41 out of a possible 37 points in ANCAP testing, which makes it the highest scoring small car on the market today. As a result, all Audi A3 models score a maximum 5-star ANCAP safety rating. The Audi pre sense front system includes a City Emergency Brake function that operates below 30km/h. It employs radar sensors to monitor the area ahead of the vehicle and when it senses the possibility of an imminent collision, the system prepares itself for intervention and warns the driver. If the driver still doesn't react, the system will apply maximum braking.

  • With short overhangs, muscular proportions and sharp body creases, the Audi A3 Sedan has an athletic silhouette. Not one single panel is shared with its A3 Sportback sibling. However, the car's stance doesn't come at the expense of versatility, with generous cabin space for five occupants and cavernous boot space. In addition, the new A3 Sedan weighs just 1250kg, thanks to a concerted effort by Audi engineers to reverse the weight spiral. This is achieved through the use of high- and ultra-high-strength steels in strategic places, and the extensive use of aluminium throughout.

  • The Audi A3 Sedan brings extraordinary levels of refinement and an exceptional quality of finish to the small car segment. Each surface and panel is fitted with precision to give the A3 Sedan a real feeling of quality. Sitting proudly in the centre of the dash is a slimline 7.0-inch high-resolution slimline screen that retracts electrically when not in use. Authenticity is another them which Audi uses inside the cabin - basically, if it looks like metal, it is metal. This also enhances the overall impression of luxury.

  • The Audi A3 Sedan features an innovative user interface named MMI touch. This system allows the driver to write letters and numbers directly onto the central touchwheel with their finger. Four soft-touch buttons and two toggles fall easily to hand, so that the driver can use the controls by feel, without looking down. The driver information display and the steering wheel controls mean that the driver can take phone calls, change radio stations, use the trip computer and digital speed display without taking their hands off the wheel - which aids safety while driving.

    The Audi driver information system suggests a rest break if it determines the driver is inattentive. The adaptive cruise control (ACC) is a radar-based cruise control system that accelerates and brakes autonomously, even to a full stop, then resuming again within three seconds. If Audi side assist sees a vehicle in the blind spot, it will alert the driver via a bright light in the exterior to discourage a lane change. Audi active lane assist identifies lane markings on the road surface and if required, gently intervenes Audi park assist can reverse the A3 Sedan into parking spaces, steering autonomously.