Audeara A-01 Headphones

  • 2018

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    Consumer Electronics

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We believe that music is one of life’s greatest gifts. We believe it is a gift that should be cherished. We believe that if you love music you should choose headphones that love you! Introducing the worlds first personalised full fidelity headphones…the Audeara A-01.

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  • One in six Australians are affected by hearing loss. This is expected to increase to one in four by 2050. Understanding the demands this trend is placing on the hospital resources, led to the A-01s initial development. Looking for a cheap and quick way to facilitate hearing tests, Audeara’s, Dr Chis Jeffery and Dr James Fielding successfully tested a set of Headphones upgraded with a medical grade Audiogram. Beyond the medical test application they realised that test technology enabled headphones could not only analyse a persons hearing deficiencies but actively adjust incoming sound to suit their hearing needs.

  • Everyone hears differently, left ears hear differently to your right. Using the Audeara app, we chart these differences, visualise and track your unique hearing profile as it changes over time. Your profile is programmed into your Audeara headphones, which learn how to tailor the music to your individual needs. Enhance your experience through precision, not volume and look after your hearing for life. Find new parts in your favorite song. Hear notes you didn’t know were missing. We put the user at the heart of the music experience by focusing on what really matters – what you can hear.

  • The realisation that headphones could be developed to straddle the two worlds of medical and consumer was radical. To be able to cost effectively medically test a person’s hearing loss any time anywhere and then adapt, personalise and perfect incoming sound with the test data was a revolutionary, company creating, product forming and market disrupting moment in time. It marked the creation point for Audeara. Audeara headphones adapt with your hearing throughout your lifetime – so from the very first time they test you, they give you perfect sound, always. Personalised technology and designed to last a lifetime.

  • Key User Experience features include: Music how your favourite artists made it - Audeara headphones let you hear the music as it was produced and how the artist intended it to be heard. Multiple hearing profiles - You can store multiple profiles and share with friends. No two pairs of calibrated headphones will sound the same. Hear better everywhere - where ever you are, what ever device you use, Audeara works with it to make sound perfect for you. From TV’s and Laptops to phones and tablets, your Audeara headphones improve sound everywhere you go. Set and forget - Once personalised, your headphones will work with any device - no companion app required. Testimonial: “That…is magical. When you first hear through Audeara, its clearly different but the most amazing part is when you go back to normal headphones - it just sounds grey. You think, ‘Where have all those instruments gone?’ All you want to do is go back to the Audeara Experience - Jenny Schafer UQ Medical School Please also review the informative kickstarter overview video with following link.