Arkitektonic Lever Handle

  • 2020

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • KAWAJUN Singapore Private Limited

Commissioned By:

KAWAJUN Singapore Private Limited

Designed In:


The Arkitektonic lever handle was inspired by Cantilever Architecture in which balance is a key element. Cantilever Architecture, challenges our perception of what it means for a structure to be balanced. In the same way, our lever handle’s goal is to achieve balance through aesthetic and function.

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  • Designing a lever handle that is unique with great attention to detail but also maintaining a sense of simplicity. We also wanted to design a versatile product that can adapt to our customer's needs in terms of the options we can provide them for this product to be used in their intended spaces. Furthermore, to push our limits by etching into solid metal which retains a high level of detail that not many other companies are doing for a product of this price point. Finally, we wanted to incorporate anti-fingerprint handle grips to keep the product pristine with minimal cleaning.

  • We started by looking into forms that are simple yet elegant which lead us to the cantilevered form that you see on the handle because it represented a sense of balance and lightness. We then looked into areas of innovation by designing etched patterns into the anti-fingerprint grip to enhance its aesthetic and give our customers a truly unique product. Finally, we provided our customers with a variety material finishes and grip options for them to select the best combination that suits their intended space.

  • A fresh and versatile product with great usability that caters well to its intended market.

  • Anti-fingerprint grips to keep the product looking pristine and reduces the need for cleaning.