Ark – Revolutionising Sustainable Construction

  • 2023

  • Digital

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Stuart Suthern-Brunt

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The construction industry is on the verge of a ‘disrupt or die’ movement. Massive lifecycle inefficiencies are a well-established source of frustration; and a tragically unnecessary strain on our planet’s natural resources.
Ark uses innovative technology to ensure that each building is a step toward a more sustainable future.

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  • Construction is complicated and inefficient. Between industry jargon and managing multiple points of expertise to reach a built outcome, our challenge was to simplify these processes without alienating current industry experts, while also allowing non-construction users to understand and engage with the process - enabling engagement across projects no matter who was involved.

  • In creating Ark we had to envisage a process that made equal sense digitally as it did physically. We used 3D modelling technologies to replicate physical components and forecast their carbon impact when built. In doing so, we also created a digital marketplace for manufacturers to showcase their components, and for industry experts to connect with clients to offer their expert knowledge along the construction journey.

  • The construction industry is one that is behind the curve in terms of both digital adoption and sustainable practice. Ark is a forerunner in translating the analog to digital, and its environmental impact is one with industry-wide significance. From intuitive and user-friendly interaction, to the overall reduction of cost and carbon footprint, Ark provides a new way to build that is better for people, budgets, and the environment.

  • - An ‘app ecosystem’ compartmentalises different functions to streamline tasks and reduce complexity - Omnipresent cost and sustainability indicators allow users to keep a core focus on cost, time, and efficiencies when planning buildings - Collaborative workflows allow experts to review and sign-off on aspects of a proposed building, streamlining the currently lengthy construction approvals process - A minimalist dashboard allows the monitoring of a construction portfolio to quickly highlight progress and call out potential delays or required remediations - An industry-wide marketplace allows companies to list their offerings and clients to browse through to find appropriate matches for their needs