APX Next SmartMessaging and SmartMapping

  • 2021

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

Commissioned By:

Motorola Solutions Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

APX Next SmartMessaging and SmartMapping are multimedia applications designed to augment awareness, safety, and efficiency for law enforcement teams. These tools enable first responders to share text, voice notes, images, video, and location information in demanding conditions and without interruption to workflow or situational awareness.

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  • APX Smart Application developers were challenged to create an intuitive user experience for public safety teams who spend much of their time in high intensity, quick-decision environments. The resulting effort led to the development of functional mapping and messaging solutions that could run on the two-way radio device that is already a requisite part of the officer's equipment. Designers ultimately imagined and developed a solution that delivers an interface designed to present information in a simplified manner while letting the user communicate in a method most appropriate for the situation (voice, silent, picture, map, etc.).

  • Designers simplified texting and image sharing with the SmartMessaging application. This allows texting across multiple agencies, automatically integrating messages into an incident timeline record, and issuing a voice command to read out or send a message in order to maintain attention in tense situations. The SmartMapping application reimagines static maps by graphically presenting the positions of other personnel or vehicles arriving on scene and even the location of other first responders in distress. Users are also able to contact others by locating their icon on the map and simply tapping to send an alert or voice call.

  • Research indicates that police officers increasingly patrol alone. This condition demands more attention to their environment and less attention to their tools. It is not uncommon for officers to return to their vehicle several times during a typical response call in order to check and query information from a fixed mobile computer screen. This interrupts attention and exposes users to safety hazards as attention is shifted from the incident to the tools. APX Smart Apps let users remain "in the moment" as information is accessible from the personal handheld device in a simplified format.

  • -Applications are accessed via a home screen "widget". Unlike a smartphone experience, there is NO need to close an existing app, find the messaging or mapping app, and log in. Users simply tap the widget and it's ready for use. This is critical in incidents where user attention is demanded elsewhere. -The status of contacts on the user's team is visible before a message is initiated. This gives greater context and understanding of team member presence and position. -Message history is available at a glance and searching can be initiated by tag or keyword. -Messages are entered from the virtual keypad or handsfree voice control. -Users can see their location, navigate to another location, and drop waypoints for future reference. -SmartMapping translates map coordinates to a street address allowing users to adapt whether on or off road. -SmartMapping allows team members to see each other on the map - and the ability to page or call them by simply tapping their icon. -If a team member is not shown on the current map, they can be searched for by name causing the map to expand to show their location. It will also help the user navigate to them.