• 2023

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Device and Customer-Experience Design Team
  • Motorola Solutions and Engineering Team

Commissioned By:

Motorola Solutions

Designed In:

United States of America

APX N50 portable two-way radio connects mobile workers in public safety, services, and other municipal/commercial roles. Users receive real-time mission-essential communications and information to stay connected and respond safely. Automatic switching between traditional radio networks and LTE or Wi-Fi maintains voice communications regardless of location or coverage.

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  • Designers were tasked with the following: -Expand two-way radio reach and capability while retaining familiar user touch points such as push-to-talk button, speaker, and top controls. -Reduce device size and weight to enhance wearability. -Reduce cost and increase battery life. -Allow software updates without the need to remove the device from service. The expanded functions and capabilities introduced with APX N50 provide enhanced usability and safety without altering the workflow established by users. This is relevant in an environment where users perform best as they receive the right information at the right time for their task.

  • APX N50 employs a rugged, purpose built, aesthetic appropriate for commercial and industrial environments. Visual differentiation from consumer grade devices underscores its purpose as an essential communications lifeline. Sculpted “shoulders” expand top control space while providing an enhanced grip below. Unique speaker porting/keypad integration improves tactility while simplifying visual elements to reduce user confusion and visual clutter. APX N50 is designed and built for extreme conditions. This includes drop testing to military standards and an IP68 rating. An adaptive audio engine assures clear sound in noisy environments. Voice control enables eyes up operation to keep users focused.

  • APX N50 promotes societal safety, productivity, and well-being by keeping first responders, mobile workers and organizations constantly connected in daily workflows and unpredictable situations. APX N50 provides familiar controls and modes of use transparently backed up by innovative underlying technologies. This assures reliable performance for audio, system coverage, programming, and voice control. Sustainability is enhanced as automatic updates, simplified interfaces, and rugged construction reduce the time, energy, and effort required to keep devices in the field.

  • APX N50 offers a purpose built solution with features designed to enhance the manufacturer’s commitment to usability, technical innovation, and ruggedness: -Reduced device size and weight expands wearability options beyond typical solutions in this category. This aids users who are often burdened with other equipment and tools to carry. -Large tactile buttons and controls are set in a familiar layout and protected against accidental activation. Programmable buttons are placed under the display allowing users to access critical presets. -The control top features tactile rotary controls and a prominent Emergency button. -The ViQi button allows quick access to voice controls – enabling actions such as selecting zones, channels, checking battery status, and adjusting volume. -Adaptive Audio Engine dynamically adjusts to optimize audio in any environment. Unpredictable background noise and wind is filtered while working in tandem with multiple microphones that track the voice from every angle. -Receive Volume Leveling and Noise Sensing Volume Control keeps users hands, and attention, off the volume knob. APX N50 automatically adjusts for loud or soft talkers, and changing ambient noise loudness in the environment — delivering the right volume at the right time.