ANZ Breathe

  • 2022

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

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‘Shape a world where people and communities thrive’ is the driving force behind ANZ’s nationwide 100% carbon neutral in operations new branch design known as “ANZ Breathe”. ANZ Breathe is simple kit of modular parts that come together to form each branch setting a new benchmark for corporate Australia.

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Image: Tom Ross
Image: Tom Ross
Image: Tom Ross
Image: Tom Ross
Image: Tom Ross
Image: Tom Ross
Image: Kat Lu
Image: Kat Lu
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  • ANZ wanted to create a future that’s not just about returning money to stakeholders but is instead based sincerely around 3 important values. That of environmental sustainability, secure housing and financial wellbeing for all Australians. They wanted these values reflected in their branches nationwide.

  • Breathe Architecture delivered on ANZ's core values by creating an elegant and sustainable branch design solution, demonstrating ANZ’s commitment to doing business responsibly in the 21st century. “ANZ Breathe” is a simple kit of modular parts that come together on site, like Lego pieces, to form each branch. The design is about doing a lot with a little. It’s simple, and elegant, adapted easily with a system that can be replicated and scaled. The message to customers is one of financial responsibility and financial wellbeing.

  • “ANZ Breathe” has set a bold new benchmark for corporate Australia, one that considers the environmental impacts on community and planet first. Each branch is entirely constructed of sustainable materials that are natural and locally sourced, designed for disassembly and are either biodegradable or recyclable. The modular system makes the branch rollout reduce in cost over time. Biophillic design is at the heart of each branch to improve the wellbeing of staff and customers. The message to customers is that of financial wellbeing, of connecting people and business to create strong, cohesive, and vibrant communities.

  • The modules populate any type of space, including branches, business centres and offices. They are easy to assemble and reconfigure. Designed for rollout across the country, the design is easily adaptable for collaborating architects to deliver each branch as they see fit. The design allows for rapid branch design and builds by reducing the on-site construction time with minimal intervention to the base build and local off-site fabrication. ANZ Breathe is 100% carbon neutral in operations using 100% certified Green Power wherever possible. The design follows a triple bottom line sustainable foundation with a light touch approach so at the end of the tenancy almost all of the branch can be repurposed. All trades and materials are locally sourced wherever possible. Sustainability initiatives include a simple set of flexible modules that can easily be fabricated by local builders and repurposed or recycled at end of life. Materials are honest, natural, Australian and recycled where possible, low VOC, and include carbon capture selection such as cork and FSC certified timbers. Biophilic design is an integral part of each branch with plants and natural materials throughout increasing the mental and physical wellbeing of staff and customers.