Antumbra Touch

  • 2014

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • Philips Dynalite

Commissioned By:

Philips Dynalite

Designed In:


Antumbra Touch the the latest addition to the range of user interface panels that operate on the Philips Dynalite lighting control network. This user interface panel allows for users to make a selection to adjust the lighting, blinds, AV or AC that will meet their needs. The Antumbra Touch is simple in its design that hides the complexity of a network lighting control system. When used in conjunction with the Philips Dynalite system the panel enables users to take control of their environment and set it to their exact requirements.

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  • The Antumbra Touch panels has a flawless glass finish that clients press on directly to make their selection of the control system. This allows for the smooth glass surface to be presented to the user with out the need of mechanical buttons which simplifies the whole panel.

  • The Antumbra panel is broken in two parts, the Application Module and the Communication Module. The Application module holds facade, sensors. This is a passive component of the panel which the client interacts with. The Communication Module contains the intelligents and direct network connection to Dynalite. This unit stores all the devices settings and communicates to the Dynalite network. Different communication module can be used to support different communication protocols such as KNX or Ethernet.

  • An online ordering tool has been created to allow end users to define the finishes they want and the labeling of the buttons. This site in real time gives a graphical representation of the users selection so that can see how their opposition selections are working together. Once happy with the look of the panel the user can then add labeling in three different languages or select from a range of different icons. The site creates a PDF file that is sent with the order so that at each level of the supply chain no mistakes can be made.