Antumbra Display

  • 2014

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • Philips Dynalite

Commissioned By:

Philips Dynalite

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The Antumbra Display panels utilize mechanical buttons and feature a central LCD display to present multiple pages of functions and system information. Information show in the display could be the current temperature and AC set point, current system set up such as lighting levels, fan speed, blind position, time or a hotel room status. This panel has been made to match the already award winning Antumbra Buttons to gave a consistent look of user interfaces though out the project.

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  • The display in the middle of the panel allows users to flip though multiple panels and changing the functionality of the buttons as the users chooses. This allows a much increased density of control from a single location while still maintaining a simple and clean design goal. The screen has been created to show icons or text next to the assigned buttons so that it is clear what each button functionality is.

  • With in any modern building project multiple automation sensors are required to monitor an area to ensure a balance between occupancy comfort and energy management. Often to achieve this multiple sensor devises are required, creating whats call in the industry the 'wall acne effect'. The Antumbra Display combines multiple hidden sensors with in one slick device. Combined with the network advantage of being integrated into the Dynalite system so that users do not need to interact with multiple panels to set the area for their requirements. One button press can set a room to a predetermined setting.

  • A range of different finish options have been made available so that the Antumbra Display can be suited to match a rooms decor. To help clients visualize their different selection an online configuration tool has been created that creates renderings in real time. By using this tool clients can navigate the different finish options and see how the Antumbra Display will suit their projects requirements. After making their selections they can down load a PDF page with shows a rendering of panel and all the codes needed to recreate their selection. This saves on double entry of sales data.

  • The Antumbra Display is supplied in two parts, the Application Module and the Communication Module. The Application module holds mechanical buttons, rim and sensors. This is a passive component of the panel which the client interacts with. The Communication Module contains the intelligents and direct network. This unit stores all the devices settings and communicates to a control network. The communication module is common to two other products and interchangeable. The communication module is available for Dynet, KNX or Ethernet communication.