Anchor’s Light Proof Milk Bottle Range

  • 2014

  • Communication

Designed By:

  • Fonterra
  • Pact Group

Commissioned By:


Pact Group

Designed In:

New Zealand

Fonterra’s Anchor brand, Inpact Innovation and Alto collaborated to design, test and manufacture Anchor’s revolutionary LIGHT PROOF™ bottle. The LIGHT PROOF™ bottle preserves the nutritional value, freshness and taste of milk. Research, prototypes and testing spanned many countries (South Africa, USA, Italy, Spain, Portugal, UK, Australia, NZ) and involved numerous experts and taste tests. The key to the innovation was to apply triple layer technology to Fresh Milk/Cream, ensuring the HDPE bottle was still light weight and recyclable. The inside and outside layers are opaque; the middle layer is the game changer; coloured black, it blocks out 100% of light.

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  • Independent studies showed light damages milk. A Journal of Dairy Science study showed milk starts losing vitamin A in two hours of continuous light exposure, while research by Cornell University shows that light damages vitamins B2 and A in milk. Vitamin A is important for healthy eyesight and a good immune system and B2 is essential for the body to turn food into fuel. With the LIGHT PROOF™ milk bottle, all these essential vitamins are protected from light, helping consumers get the most nutritional value out of every glass.

  • Anchor's light proof milk tastes as fresh across its shelf life as it did on the day it was poured into the bottle. The damage caused by light-strike causes taste degradation even at very low levels of exposure. Once vitamins like vitamin A and B2 in milk have been damaged, the fresh taste is impacted. 73,662 New Zealanders have taken the Anchor taste test challange, 8/10 preferred the taste of light-protected milk. That's why Anchor introduced the 100% LIGHT PROOF™ milk bottle, to give New Zealanders the best-tasting and most nutritious milk possible.

  • Anchor's LIGHT PROOF™ bottle is made from the same high-grade, recyclable HDPE plastic as the old bottle. This means nothing has change in terms of kerbside pick-up or drop-off to a rural collection centre. Recycled Anchor bottles are used in the production of recycling bins, slip sheets, cable covers, pipes, drainage coils and more. Capacity exists amongst recyclers in New Zealand to use 100% of recycled Anchor bottles in the manufacture of new products.