AMG Sydney – Activated Light Facade

  • 2018

  • Engineering

Commissioned By:

AMG Sydney

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The activated light facade was commissioned by AMG Sydney to improve the visibility and image of their Sydney Airport dealership. A system of louvers, lights and signage, emits and reflects light and is a shading structure for solar energy efficiency on the dealerships’ facades. The system will be rolled out to dealerships worldwide.

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  • To cost effectively reinforce / provide a strong street presence for a dealership, in context of bright surrounds & road lighting. Light elements had to match brand guidelines & signage, be dynamic & the content easily changed by a novice. Light emission to be controlled in all directions, minimal uplight spill due to airport location, no back light to ensure basic nature of structure was not emphasised & light is not seen from within dealership windows. Facade accent elements be easily seen during day & night - red accents in particular The solution to be cost effective & easily maintained, modular, quick to install & reconfigure: A repeatable system for ease of installation & use worldwide that's also easily procured.

  • The project involved an extensive team located across the world, communication was key with concepts visualised, models made, systems costed, sourced and tested for output, weather proofing and colour. Whilst the overall set-out and profiles of the louvres were fixed, prototypes were made, tested and options examined to allow the light quality and effects to be achieved. We developed a systemized LED, cabling, trunking and support solution which used color contrast , form and finish to control the direction and reflection of light. Various LED technologies were tested, measured and trialled. Solution was developed and delivered in a short time frame.

  • A significant landmark was created with positive response for the completed solution being received from customers, users, passersby and the leaders of AMG. This has improved branding links and brand awareness The activation can be automated, with remote or local content changes possible with remote upload of effects delivered via standard video and jpg files. It is an energy effective solution that lights facade and surrounding landscaping / carparks - less energy than floodlighting Resulted in reduction in thermal energy on facade due to shading of windows and walls cost effectively.

  • Smart modular cabling system that is "plug and play" for all elements Easy to upgrade LED lighting system within louvres as technology changes due to the integrated channel and fixing system. Degradation of lighting elements reduced due to configuration and protection chosen which minimise sun and rain exposure. Cable access and support system is modular: easily removable for maintenance.