• 2023

  • Next Gen

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Amelda Norsworthy

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“Allevia” is an efficient, non-medicinal wearable treatment for motion sickness, designed for the travel lover. Unlike existing treatments, Allevia tackles the problem directly at the source to provide effective treatment and significantly reduce the time between symptom onset and relief.

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  • Allevia's design brief was outlined to focus on solving a medical, health related issue in the consumer based design world that has been previously untouched or inefficiently solved, that would provide positive impact and benefit to the user. More specifically, the brief was to; "Design a wearable product to assist in alleviating symptoms of motion sickness, without the use of medication. The design should fill a need in the market, and add value to the customers experience."

  • Unlike existing treatments - such as medication, acupressure bands and aromatherapy, Allevia tackles the problem directly at the source - your balance cortex. Utilizing low-frequency vibrations, Allevia overstimulates the balance cortex within the ears, reducing its ability to sense motion and subsequently reducing and relieving symptoms such as nausea, pallor, headaches and fatigue. The design went through multiple rounds of data collection and reviews through surveys, interviews and tests, albeit limited in person interaction due to COVID-19. Iterative prototypes were developed to ensure the ergonomic fit, size, scale and readiness for manufacture.

  • When we analyse the current solutions to motion sickness they are few and far between. Medication is our primary solution, and can cause a myriad of side-effects. Existing wearable treatments rely heavily on the placebo effect, meaning there is little to no measurable impact on the user. Allevia is projected to lessen symptoms of motion sickness in 15-30 minutes of continuous wear. Allevia's technology is based on real world precedent of "bone conduction technology" that utilises vibration to create sound. It's also a recycled, re-usable, repairable device that is designed to be with the user for many journeys.

  • At the core of its design was ensuring Allevia was portable, didn't impede a user's ability to connect with their surroundings by blocking the ears, and was comfortable for long term wear. Its ergonomic design, fitted with a flexible and adjustable ear hook, allows for a snug, tight fit that's near unnoticeable. It can also be used in two use cases - preventatively (before onset of symptoms) and as treatment (after onset of symptoms). Allevia stands above competing products by innovatively treating motion sickness through low-frequency vibrations. It is the only treatment option that directly addresses the root cause of motion sickness, inhibiting the balance cortex’s ability to sense motion. In both the shell and the earpieces, recycled plastic is used for injection molded parts, and the product is designed to be taken apart and repaired/replaced as required.