Airgarden 2.0

  • 2023

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    Hardware and Building

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Airgarden Pty Ltd

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The Airgarden 2.0 has been designed to enable anyone to easily and quickly grow their own food at home via a cost-effective, reliable and sustainable solution. The Airgarden requires no soil or previous experience and involves minimal maintenance to produce enough fruit and vegetables to sustain your average Australian family.

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  • Airgarden 2.0 sought out from the onset to be the first Australian designed, made and owned system that could cost effectively and reliably produce enough fruits and vegetables for the average Australian family. Numerous issues were uncovered and overcome throughout the process including how to flat pack such a large system, making it simple and reliable enough to be used in the early schooling system, producing enough fruits and vegetables in a variety of different climates and installation sites, being able to be used both domestically and commercially and building a dedicated tribe of Airgarden users and followers.

  • The Airgarden 2.0 addressed and transcended the design challenges in several key areas. Environmentally the Airgarden 2.0 has the lowest carbon footprint of any available aeroponic system on the market with freight and retail space being reduced by over 70% through flat pack design principles. Functionally the system has the fastest installation time via integrated fasteners and is now seen as having the highest rate of plant growth success of any aeroponic system due to its refined watering system. Commercially the system can now also be found throughout homes, schools and commercial growers due to its adaptable design.

  • Airgarden 2.0 has found wide-scale acceptance in a variety of markets. Crucially Airgarden 2.0 has now been introduced throughout several schooling systems in different Australian states resulting in children of all ages learning and benefiting from growing their own food. Restaurants and cafes are also now able to grow their own produce without large swathes of land required. With the release of the Commercial base large-scale growers have employed the Airgarden in commercial setups while homeowners can simply and easily enjoy the benefits of homegrown produce.

  • The Airgarden is a mobile unit that can easily be moved around. It is perfect for small spaces & dwellings like apartments. It can be completely packed into the base reserviour & picked up to move when moving premises or home. Perfect for renters.