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  • 2023

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AIA Australia

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AIA Vitality is a personalised, science-backed health and wellbeing program that supports you every day to make healthier lifestyle choices. The program incentivises you to move more, eat well and complete regular health checks. The small healthy choices we make today, lead to influencing generations towards a happier, healthier tomorrow.

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  • The key design challenge was to engage and motivate members to learn about and improve their health. To create lasting changes in behaviour that would lead towards a better, longer and healthier life. Members needed to understand how to earn points by completing assessments, physical activities and learning content and be able to identify where more points could be achieved. Members were also to be able to self-serve within the app to reduce overheads on the call centre.

  • We designed a mobile app experience with gamification via a points-based rewards system. Points are allocated via a balanced series of assessments, content and physical activity. A clear information architecture was essential help members discover the breadth of the program, covering Health Checks & Vaccinations, Physical Activity, Mental Wellbeing, Nutrition & Financial Wellbeing. The member is awarded status levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum) throughout the year which are also tied to increasing valued rewards. For more regular engagement members can achieve weekly physical activity targets and receive $5 each time they achieve that.

  • Two in three Australians are currently overweight or obese and chronic disease is the leading cause of death and disability in the country. Engagement in AIA Vitality drives increased activity and health improvements for members. A few stats; 97% of members say Vitality helps them be more aware of their health and wellbeing. Members showed a 37% increase in physical activity days after taking up the Apple Watch benefit. The 50+ age group saw a 50% increase in activity when using the Apple Watch benefit. 52% of those that started with an unhealthy glucose range moved to a healthy range.

  • -The Vitality Age Assessment gives an age benchmark to better understand how their lifestyle choices are affecting them. -Members can connect their fitness tracking devices to earn points for Walking, Sleeping, Meditation, Gym visits, workouts and more. -The Apple Watch benefit allows members to earn an Apple Watch with weekly physical activity targets. -The Mental Wellbeing Assessment gives simple everyday actions that will help members build their mental wellbeing. -Members status can give product discounts – encouraging year on year lasting behavioural change.