AEV Robotics – Modular Vehicle System

  • 2019

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    Automotive and Transport

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AEV Robotics

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AEV Robotics has built the Modular Vehicle System (MVS). The foundation of every MVS is a robotic base. Connected to the robotic base are functional pods which can be built custom or standard. The system is autonomous ready, lightweight, electric and connected. It moves people and delivers goods in urban environments.

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  • Digital technology is disrupting the automotive industry. In the past individals owned vehicles and needed them to drive at varying speeds and in different environments (cities, highways, country). Today, applications like Lyft and Uber Eats allow consumers to move people and deliver goods on demand. This means you can select a vehicle that is designed specifically for the task at hand. AEV Robotics took on the challenge of reimaginging urban mobility to design and build a low speed vehicle that didn't just fit new technology in traditional vehicle frames. It would be pedestrian friendly, rapidly scalable, lightweight and beauitfully designed.

  • The design thinking started from a clean sheet, resulting in the creation of a completely new vehicle. The fundemental difference between the MVS and a traditional car is that AEV Robotics has been able to slim build a base that drives by itself. In essence, this is a complete vehicle that includes an operating system, API, software and data storage capability. You can think of this as an iPhone on wheels. The flat base allows companies to build whatever pods (applications) that they want on top. These pods are the equivelant of an application in an iPhone.

  • After working on the project for three years, AEV Robotics presented the Modular Vehicle System to the world at CES 2019. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Commercial - AEV has sold vehicles to Universities, Automakers and Technology businesses in Asia, America and Australia. Environmental - Electric Vehicles will transform cities around the world with cleaner air, less noise and safer roads. AEV is currently leading the revolution of urban spaces. Social - Providing new fleet services will support consumers to move away from traditional ownership models and drastically reshape the way we connect.

  • There are many unique features and materials that AEV has created - some of this is in partnership with large international companies. The most important feature of this design is what isn't there... a large metal frame. To remove the frame required new thinking, clever engineering and a smart use of technology. It also required a fundementally different approach and a willingness to look at the mobility market newly. As the speed of cities slow down (e.g. NYC is already 25miles per hour), low speed makes more and more sense. The United Nations predicts that 68% of the the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050, which would equate to more than 6.5 billion people. Fleet managers and city planners are looking for new modes of transport and these must be highly efficient and safe. AEV has proven and will provide this solution.