ACE Standards Training Design

  • 2023

  • Social Impact

Designed By:

  • Hellenic Club of Canberra
  • Michael Douros
  • Ben Hall

Commissioned By:

Hellenic Club of Canberra

Designed In:


Hellenic Club was formed (1979) to integrate Greek immigrants into the Canberra community by creating a sense of connection and belonging. Our design challenge: create a workforce that continues to evolve our club’s rich culture while ensuring our employees develop as great people and as quality professionals for their future.

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  • With a young and transient employment profile, we understood their strong desire for authentic and meaningful profession development. Our challenge has been to design a set of professional standards that resonate with their future pathways while developing their personal and professional attributes while working in the club industry. While many clubs focus on the mastery of technical service facing skills, our program brings together design and systems thinking coupled with future forecasting to codevelop personal and professional character traits. We wanted to inspire young people to consider their part time employment as a valuable opportunity for growth.

  • Our core design principle uses the mantra "better people make better Hellenic people" with a focus on young employees building the mindsets, skillsets and toolsets they need to be successful in life while being resilient and proactive in their own career design. Our standards have established behavioural norms they believe will have the greatest impact in our goal of high quality customer service while contributing to individuals own career pathways. Co-designing pathways which are used to identify what learning or development may help them solidify their current capabilities and investing in expanding their goals to transition towards more advanced capabilities.

  • At the core of the ACE Standards is building the capability profiles to include career specific performance measures that builds the capacity of each individual regardless of their stage of employment. Through this we clearly articulate the expectations of job specific professional behaviours that can be used to identify what professional supports are required to guide our employees towards becoming better people/professionals. The social impact is based on better people make better Hellenic people which is about creating an organisation that values young people and their contribution to our club in particular their empathetic and caring view towards elderly members.

  • Young Australians are living in a highly transitional and disruptive period and they are facing many challenges that are impacting their day to day lives. Without doubt, there is significant energy and enormous potential with young people in regards to addressing their own "big" societal challenges. For this particular design project, our young employees are identified the priority learning areas in which we could build their capacity to engage in their work at our club, while being aware and then designing their own professional pathways. All employees are at different stages in their career which is also intrinsically linked to their life circumstances. Hence the expected level of professional development needs to evolve over time and aligned to specific job descriptions. Through ACE, we are being intentional towards the design of professional pathways as aligned to each individuals capability which will ensure that each employee has a highly individualised and differentiated improvement program. They are co-responsible for designing and then implementing their career pathways with our ongoing support. Our goal - inspire them to be great people so that this educative pathway influences and shapes their professional outcomes.