Westinghouse 60cm Family Flex Induction Cooktop

  • 2016

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • Electrolux Group Design Asia Pacific

Commissioned By:

Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd

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When it comes to safety and performance, induction cooking offers the best of both worlds.

Our induction cooktop has two unique innovations: a pause button for added flexibility and organization and the FamilyFlex cooking zone to accommodate oversized pots, so you can cook like never before.

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  • Our induction cooktop has three main benefits. 1) Induction heat is generated in the cookware, so the surface stays cool and can be used as prep space. 2) With our seamless touch control panel, there are no edges or knobs to trap spills and grime. 3) Our linkable induction zone accommodates oversized pots and pans for superior results. Additionally, the striking black ceramic glass features tri-colour graphics that allow our users to work intuitively with this innovative system. You won't need the manual. It's simple, clean, elegant and above all family friendly.

  • We designed all aspects of this cooktop to anticipate the needs of busy families. Our users know that dinner prep gets interrupted. With our 'Pause' feature, you can safely step away for impromptu visitors, kiddie fights (ahem), or any other unscheduled event that typifies modern life. It's a feature that delivers flexibility and safety by understanding the true nature of how we live. At the same time, our QuickCook timer let's you attend to other parts of meal prep by shutting off the heat at a programmed interval—it's like a digital sous-chef. The unique linkable induction zone provides even heat across half the surface which means you can cook things on the cooktop that you never have before. Paella anyone?

  • Induction is a quantum leap in safety for the home kitchen. With induction, heat is generated only in the pan, so the surface of the cooktop stays cool to the touch preventing burns. To minimise accidents, we created additional safety features that address the realities of family life. Our one-of-a-kind 'Pause' button, instantly reduces temperatures to 'keep warm' while you're away and resumes your previous settings automatically when you return. Our new QuickCook timer function means you can set it and forget it: the heat turns off automatically after the allotted time to minimise burning (which is good for the taste buds too). Child lock? Tick.

  • Induction generates heat almost twice as fast as gas and electric saving time, energy and money. Because induction only generates heat in the cookware, less heat is lost to the surrounding environment.

    On our FamilyFlex induction cooktop, the graphics are designed to attract and engage consumers from their first interaction. The dynamic visual pattern in the linkable zone clearly conveys that this is a revolutionary product that isn't your average cooktop. It's a talking point and adds cache to the kitchen. Of course, this is a Westinghouse product, so it has to be durable. We use top-quality, scratch resistant, ceramic glass which will maintain its clean modern appearance for years to come.

    Westinghouse is a no-fuss dependable brand, and this cooktop delivers genuine performance enhancements and versatility which offer true value for our customers. It's authentically revolutionary in terms of usage and puts the excitement back in home cooking. We've differentiated our product by offering 'Pause' and QuickCook functions that anticipate consumer demands and increase safety. This is design that makes a tangible difference.

    Our induction cooktop is so responsive it has changed the way people cook. You no longer need a double boiler to temper chocolate, you can do it directly in the pan. There's no doubt that induction is the way forward for both performance and safety. We've brought this high-end feature to our broad Westinghouse audience because we believe all users should enjoy the benefits of this new technology. Ask yourself: now that you know about induction, do you really want to cook with anything else? At the same time, our linked cooking zone is unique, so on special occasions, when the meal really matters, our cooktop is up to the job.