4eyesVision: For a Better Looking World

  • 2023

  • Social Impact

Commissioned By:

Sarah Crowe

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One billion people worldwide are visually impaired simply because they lack access to glasses. We have developed a kit containing everything needed to test vision and dispense glasses in remote and low-resource communities. The glasses are so amazing, people want them here too! Profits here = glasses there! Think Tom’s shoes…

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Image: Jackson
Image: Tina Milson
Image: Tina Milson
Image: Sally Tsoutas
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  • The glasses frames need to be affordable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. They need to be adjustable to suit all face sizes, from children to adults. The frames need to be designed so that pre-cut round optical lenses can be inserted to make customised glasses on the spot in remote and disadvantaged communities worldwide. These frames are part of the 4eyesVision Kit, which also contains a simple, innovative vision testing device to measure what lenses are required and a mobile application with training, instructions and inventory management.

  • The glasses frames are made of stainless steel and are durable light and stylish. They are designed so that the right and left lenses are the same, the size can be adjusted with a simple crimping tool to fit any size from small child to large man. The steel is formulated to have just the right spring so that the lenses can be inserted easily, and the frames are durable. The nose pads can also be adjusted to fit various facial types from different countries. The arms are also adjustable.

  • The design is durable, adjustable and stylish. It proves that simple, inexpensive solutions can still be beautiful. People in low-resource communities still want to look good and they should be afforded that dignity through clever design. These frames can be used for years and the lenses replaced. Two main causes of glasses failing are that the lenses become too scratched, or the hinges break. Our hinges have no screws and are very durable. Most glasses frames are plastic and last about 2 years. Ours last at least twice that long and at the end of life they can be recycled.

  • Because the right and left lenses are the same, inventory of a wide range of pre-cut lenses can be fitted into a carry case to take to remote villages. In addition to the adjustability of the frames, they have a protractor etched on the inside of the frame. This allows for the correction of astigmatism, which is a condition which requires the lens to be oriented at a specific axis. Because the lenses are round, these toric lenses can be pre-cut with the axis of correction marked on the edge, and rotated into the frames so that the mark on the lens is at the correct axis on the frame. Ours is the first low cost spectacle system that can correct astigmatism. The crimping tool is a simple handheld device which can adjust the curve of the nose bridge to three set radii in addition to the baseline curve. Thus with 2 frame sizes and 4 curvature settings for each, the full range of face sizes is accommodated. Because the frames can be stacked, and arms inserted in the field, stock can be packed very compactly, saving on shipping costs and emissions.