2018 UBCO 2×2

  • 2018

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

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New Zealand

The 2018 2×2 continues the ground breaking design of our first generation utility electric vehicle. Sharing the same iconic DNA the design conceals over 70 new parts out of a total of 136. Delivering advanced communications, improved sealing, more torque and increased range alongside its newly minted road legal status.

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  • The brief was to develop a globally certified next generation 2x2 that was just as capable on-road as it was off-road and absorbed as much of our customer feedback as humanly possible.

  • Sublimating EU, US and Australasian legal requirements without adding a bunch of faring's and delivering a simple, light and easy-to-use design was a key achievement. The DNA of the 2x2 was retained through the hard work of the design and engineering team. What won't be obvious is the huge advances in technology embodied into the 2018 2x2 including a new ECU and Low Energy Bluetooth connectivity, the new Flux Drive, ATFZ Front Suspension, and advanced battery management. The whole system now works cohesively through the ECU for over the air updates, user-controlled functions, remote diagnostics and a simple performance dash.

  • With no external drive chain, fuel or oil, the 2018 2x2 produces no emissions. As a result every vehicle we replace removes CO2 from the atmosphere and toxic emissions and noise from our environment. At under $1 per 120km with minimal servicing, the 2x2 slashes the costs associated with running any traditional vehicle. In a commercial setting, where fleets of 2x2's are displacing transports, it can save companies millions, and significantly reduce their environmental footprints. The 2x2 takes farmers back to what it was like to walk around a property by removing operating noises and reducing stress on stock.

  • · Lightweight, strong, safe The lightweight, Super-X, step through frame is easy to manoeuvre across difficult terrains with a low centre of gravity. At just 63kgs with a top speed of 50kmph, it’s also safer than your standard motorcycle, ATV or UTV. · Road registrable The road is no longer a limit, it's part of the journey. The ability to cross between on- and off-road environments with ease means users can explore on their own terms, whether that's in the city or on the farm. · Power on the Go The 48Ah power pack provides you with portable power through both 12V and USB outlets on the front console so you can charge your gear and tools on the go. · Digitally Connected Our User App connects directly with the 2x2 via a low energy Bluetooth, allowing users to switch between on and off-road modes, activate/deactivate regenerative braking, enter "Hunting” and “Learner” mode, view error codes, and a live dash screen. Cloud based connectivity allows real-time analysis of the 2x2’s performance when required. · Adaptability The 7000 series aluminium alloy frame is home to 17 strategically placed accessory lugs which enhance the 2x2's adaptability, customisation and carry load when paired with out new accessory range.