Avatar 2: Dive Mask + Life Support Systems

The Avatar Dive Mask is a cutting-edge full-face diving mask designed for the underwater actors in Avatar 2: Way of the Water. This project represents the collaborative efforts of industry leaders, with Wētā Workshop spearheading the Conceptual Design, Design + Industry managing the Design + Build process, alongside Technical Diving Expert John Garvin, for James Cameron’s 2022 feature film. By integrating exceptional visibility, advanced communication, and streamlined safety features, this innovative mask caters to the unique demands of professional film production while enhancing the diving experience.

BOBI (Breathing Companion)

Bobi, a patented, trademarked creation by psychologist Damien Thomas, teaches optimal breathing habits for improved well-being. Offering tactile stimulation for a calming effect, it targets individuals seeking mental health enhancement, particularly those battling stress, anxiety, and breathing issues. Bobi revolutionises wellness through better breathing, positively impacting users’ lives.