AdvanCell Isotopes ²¹²Pb Generator

AdvanCell’s Generator is a world-first alpha isotope generator which addresses the greatest unmet need in targeted alpha therapy – the reliable and scalable supply of isotope. The manufacture of clinical doses of a high-value isotope Alpha 212® (Lead-212) for use in targeted radionuclides therapy is a game-changer for prostate and several other cancer treatments. Enabling scalable local isotope production capability, the Generator will fast track the delivery of cutting-edge cancer treatments to patients.

Forcite MK1S

Following his accident, Alfred Boyadgis partnered with Julian Chow to radically improve the design of motorcycle helmets. One that no longer required bulky clip-on cameras or headsets and could alert riders of upcoming dangers. The MK1S provides a safe riding experience with integrated smarts, inbuilt camera, audio, and rider-alert system.