CHAIR EMERITUS (2010 - 2023)

Maureen Thurston-Chartraw is Aurecon’s Chief Experience Officer. In 2016, she was appointed as Aurecon’s Global Director, Design to Innovate to liberate creativity and cultivate change throughout Aurecon.

In her current role, leverages design thinking as a capability to capture and convey new value, and embed Aurecon’s experience program and Design to Innovate thinking across the business.

For over 30 years Maureen has played at the intersection between business, creativity and culture, leveraging design as an instrument of strategy to envision the future, reimagine models, systems and structures and invent more meaningful value for clients.

Maureen believes design should be positioned as a catalyst for change; a means to help put an enterprising spirit, into the enterprise.

Maureen joined Aurecon from Deloitte where she implemented design methods and a design mindset to help transform the Australian accounting firm from a traditional professional services organisation to a bold innovator.

Maureen is an Adjunct Professor at UTS, an Industrial Designer, educator, entrepreneur and author. She wholeheartedly believes that Aurecon’s competitive currency is in its creative capacity to innovate, and is currently embedding design as a strategic component within Aurecon’s integrated Future Ready strategy.