Craig Commerford

Managing Director
VSL Australia/NZ

Craig is the Managing Director of VSL Australia and New Zealand.

VSL is a leader in the field of specialist construction engineering and associated technologies and services. Well proven systems and sound in-house engineering have founded the Group’s reputation for innovative conceptual designs and engineering solutions, for reliability, quality and efficiency.

VSL operates through 50 locations as a world-wide network, including production facilities. With 4,300 employees, including 100 engineers and technicians, VSL provides technical consultancy and support for the full range of works from project planning to complete final design, construction engineering and on-site activities.

Working for VSL throughout the Asia Pacific Region for the past 20 years, Craig has had a number of roles within the group including: Heavy Lifting Engineer, Bridge Engineer, Construction Manager, Project Manager and Business Development Manager.

Although VSL are involved across a broad range of services in the construction industry, Craig’s mani area of expertise is in the field of specialist bridges.

He holds a bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Newcastle.