Clive Solari FDIA

D3 Design

Clive graduated from DeMontfort University in 1979. He worked for a number of leading UK design consultancies before forming his own company in 1985. This company, Design Matters, worked in all areas of product design but specialised in rugged hand-held computers. In 1987 Clive designed the Husky FS2, the world’s first truly hand-held computer. In January 1999 Clive came to Sydney to become partner and Director of D3 Design, reforming a partnership with David Francis. David and Clive met and worked together at Ogle Design and Allied International Designers in the UK (1982 – 1985). ┬áD3 Design is a Sydney based design consultancy offering a unique blend of Product Design and Structural Branding. The company focuses on creating products and packaging which are not just meaningless shapes but memorable three-dimensional representations of their client’s brand’s values. Consumer-focused design ensures that concepts are as appropriate to people’s needs and desires as they are imaginative and original.