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This year’s Australian Good Design Awards introduces a new partnership between Good Design Australia and AirSeed – an Australian company at the forefront of the ecosystem restoration movement. 

Good Design Australia wanted to do more in the area of sustainable and regenerative design, so this year a percentage of each paid entry submitted into the 2024 Australian Good Design Awards will be donated to AirSeed’s strategic regeneration efforts here in Australia. Advanced technology, data-driven intelligence and biodiverse methodologies highlight AirSeed’s design-forward approach to long-term impact.

“We’re constantly looking for new ways to practice what we preach and this exciting partnership with Airseed is a perfect opportunity for us to do more and to contribute to creating a more sustainable future,” said Good Design Australia’s Director, Rachel Wye.

“AirSeed is a company that has identified the problems with current methods of reforestation and used clever design to re-think and solve those problems. The outcome is a much more effective and efficient way of restoring ecosystems, and a new business model that has the potential for significant positive impact. 

“AirSeed’s innovative and design-led approach to regeneration is something we’re proud to get behind and we are looking forward to seeing our impact grow year-on-year.”

The contributions from the 2024 Awards will empower AirSeed to support a variety of planting projects, including the reestablishment of koala habitats in and the revegetation of historically-cleared agricultural areas.

AirSeed’s specifically-designed seed pods. Image: Supplied

Who are AirSeed?

Trees are the earth’s natural air purifier. Reforestation and the restoration of habitat biodiversity are absolutely vital in the fight against climate change. Tree planting is a natural solution, yet traditional “plant and pray” methods are commonly quite slow, very costly and somewhat ineffective. 

This inspired AirSeed’s establishment as the world’s first drone-based reforestation service. The member-supported initiative blends cutting-edge tech, data insights and bioscience to enhance the scalability and effectiveness of planting projects.

AirSeed’s holistic approach to environmental restoration begins with land viability analysis, terrain mapping, soil analysis and climate and ecosystem modelling. The resulting data highlights what to plant and where, and directs the creation of seed pods that include a biodiverse blend of tree species and nutrients suited to the area. 

These tailored pods are routinely monitored, both technologically and manually, to ensure maximum efficacy. Those who have invested in and are part of AirSeed’s programs are able to check-in at their leisure and calculate their impact as they grow. 

New tech – new trees. Image: Supplied

Some of AirSeed’s current projects include…


Located on the Monaro Plains in south east NSW, Bredbo has become a relatively bare landscape after years of agricultural land use. A young family engaged AirSeed to break the mould and restore their land to something that will live on. The project represents an important habitat refuge in an otherwise treeless landscape.

Bredbo’s treeless plains… for now. Image: AirSeed

Cattai Wetlands

Previously farmland, the 500ha Cattai Wetlands area has been an ongoing restoration project for almost 20 years. It holds a perched freshwater wetland and a brackish tidal wetland, with Eucalyptus trees dotted throughout. This project aims to establish koala habitats and food trees (swamp mahogany Eucalyptus robusta) within the wetlands after bushfires and floods caused widespread damage in 2019-2020.

Aiding the recovery of an incredible biome. Image: AirSeed


The Nimmitabel project is establishing a new site of biodiversity and growth in a region that has experienced long-term degradation. Passed down through several generations, the property is now in the hands of a young family who are passionate about restoring the natural beauty of landscape and rebuilding at-risk ecosystems.

The remnants of generations of agricultural use. Image: AirSeed

Make a change in the 2024 Australian Good Design Awards

By participating in the Australian Good Design Awards, you’re not just showcasing your projects and brand – you’re also making a tangible impact on the environment. Together, we can create a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.

Join us in celebrating the intersection of design and sustainability and support the vital work of AirSeed in environmental restoration. 

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