Welcome to Day Two of the 2020 Good Design Week kicking off with the announcement of the 2020 Good Design Award Winners and Good Design Australia’s Industry Awards, including the recipient of the Patron’s Australian Design Award.

On behalf of Good Design Australia and our Good Design Awards Jury, congratulations to all of this year’s winners.


The Good Design Award Winner accolade is awarded to products, services or projects that, in the opinion of the judges have satisfied the evaluation criteria for Good Design. From a record 835 projects submitted to the Good Design Awards this year, 322 innovative projects qualified for the Good Design Award Winner accolade.


Our Patron, Dr. Jan Owen AM HON DLITT, announces the 2020 Patron’s Australian Design Award. This special Award recognises and celebrates the best Australian designed product, service or project in the annual Good Design Awards and is awarded to an entry that has the potential to shape the future economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects of our planet.

Message from Dr. Jan Owen, Patron of Good Design Australia.

The recipient of the 2020 Patron’s Australian Design Award goes to ellume.lab, a Point-of-Care diagnostic tool combining highly-sensitive ‘Disease-Biomarker-Fluorescence’ technology into the convenience of a disposable ‘eStick’ and handheld diagnostic ‘Reader’.

ellume.lab is designed by Formzoo Design and Ellume Health and Commissioned by Ellume Health.

Message from Dr. Sean Parsons, Founder and CEO of Ellume Health.

ellume.lab allows healthcare workers to minimise disease spread by delivering more accurate diagnosis and earlier/effective treatment. Its Influenza test delivers diagnoses in three minutes, a process which often takes four days.

2020 Patron’s Australian Design Award, ellume.lab. Designed by Formzoo Design and Ellume Health and Commissioned by Ellume Health.
2020 Patron’s Australian Design Award, ellume.lab. Designed by Formzoo Design and Ellume Health and Commissioned by Ellume Health.

The Good Design Awards Jury praised the ellume.lab commenting: “A very strong design approach that combines user-centred research with clinical innovation. This product has great potential to improve the current experience of point-of-care diagnostics, for clinicians and users.

In terms of highly contagious influenza and pandemic conditions, this could radically improve life. It is a solution that accelerates the identification of infectious conditions while providing a good level of protection to health professionals. The portability of this product is a significant advantage.”


Good Design Australia presents a number of special awards and accolades within the annual Good Design Awards to recognise, reward and celebrate the expanding role of design in helping shape a better, safer and more prosperous world.


The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) Design Award is chosen from the annual Good Design Awards and the criteria includes good design, innovation and the significance of a design to Australia’s culture. The Award is given to a project that has potential to make a significant improvement to the quality of health, wellbeing or the environment.

2020 MAAS Design Award: Rapid Shield, Designed and commissioned by Holger Dielenberg and Scott Anderson from Space Tank Design.

COVID-19 highlighted Australia’s health PPE vulnerability and our need for domestic manufacturing security. The onslaught of GP and hospital attendances and news of frontline workers resorting to ponchos and welding shields for protection against viral infection led Space Tank to design an Australian made and sustainable face shield solution.

The Good Design Awards Jury commented: “The all-in-one design represents an innovative approach to providing protection, as does the origami folding structure. This single-piece construction should improve the environmental impact of the device.

It’s a brilliant example of a product design manufactured using a single raw material and produced by a single process. The designers have responded swiftly to the need for PPE in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

They have incorporated some features in the design which are well resolved – thinking about the manufacture, cost, processing, packaging, ergonomics, fit and form of the product. Well done.”

Rapid Shield a Space Tank Design Product from Space Tank TV on Vimeo.

In receiving the Award, Holger Dielenberg from Space Tank Design commented: “On behalf of Space Tank Design and our partners who helped us develop Rapid Shield, we are delighted to have received the MAAS Design Award.

To date, Space Tank has supplied over 20,000 Rapid Shields to health, disability and retail organisations who cannot access government supply channels and with hospitals and aged care organisations now using Rapid Shield, we have scaled production to 12,000 units/day to meet increasing demand from around Australia.

It is an honour to be recognised for our Australian Made contribution to health PPE during the global COVID-19 pandemic.”


The Design Institute of Australia Award recognises an Australian professional designer, design team or design company who has made a significant impact in the Australian Good Design Awards over the year.

The recipient of the 2020 DIA Award goes to Future Friendly who also received multiple Good Design Awards this year for their work. On receiving the DIA Award, Jon Christenson from Future Friendly said, “We’re thrilled and humbled to receive the Design Institute of Australia Award. It’s been a hugely successful year for us, culminating in our new name this week.

This award is a terrific reflection of our belief that good design shouldn’t force you to choose between immediate impact and visionary strategies, it’s about combining those.”

Future Friendly, recipient of the 2020 Design Institute of Australia Award.


The Greener Spaces Better Places Design Award recognises excellence in green urban and space design. The Award was established to help raise awareness and to promote excellence in green design.

The Award recognises and celebrates the important role of green and living infrastructure design to our urban areas, to cool our cities, and make our neighbourhoods more appealing to work, play and relax.

Lucent, 2020 Greener Spaces Better Places Design Award. Designed by Plazibat Architects and commissioned by Cavcorp. Photo: Christopher Frederick Jones.

Lucent is a contemporary sub-tropical multi-residential building. An island of ground-level retail forms the base with the tower comprising 190 apartments with an urban oasis rooftop crowning the building. Lucent has now developed into a lifestyle project where people live, work and focus on their health and wellness.

The brief to design a 15-storey building with 3 basement levels of cars, 190 apartments, 1,100 sqm of ground-level retail, a mezzanine floor and a rooftop recreation area with a 55m long pool.

Generous ceiling heights were required within the apartments along with outdoor living spaces which complimented the local climate. Ease of street level public interaction was required along with adequate shading and weather protection. Reduced floor cycle construction times were also an early design requirement.

The end product for Lucent has created a building which is more than the sum of its parts and a wonderful outcome for both the client and residents. The design has increased the clients future brand value for multi residential building typology. A public pocket park to the east and a double height public outdoor room to the west encourage a sense of community, street activation and provide for public outdoor spaces.

On receiving the Award, Shane Plazibat, Principal at Plazibat Architects said, “We are very honoured and proud to hear that Lucent is the 2020 recipient of the Good Design Greener Spaces Better Places Design Award. Our overall goal was to design a building which responded to our subtropical climate and created an urban oasis for both private and public use which contributes to our City.” 


Good Design Australia’s Automotive Design Award is a special accolade within the Automotive and Transport Category to recognise excellence in automotive design and styling. Vehicles entered into the Automotive and Transport Category are considered for the Best Exterior Design Award and Best Interior Design Award as part of the jury process.


2020 Best Exterior Design Award, Fonzarelli NKD. Designed by Michelle Nazzari, Wenley Andrews, Jules Boerez and Pao-Hsuan Shen and commissioned by Fonzarelli Bikes.

The Fonzarelli Design Team have researched the market, user and business needs and have developed the NKD in order to appeal to broad global audience. With agile handling and a lightweight, compact build, it’s a ride that’s built for the future. Off-road riding or cutting through the urban jungle, the NKD brings simple sophistication outdoors.

The Judges praised the exterior design of the NKD, commenting, “The styling of the NKD ticks the box and scores big for developing a solution that targets global emerging trends. NKD answered the need to move towards a greener and more sustainable mobility solution. The use of recyclable materials and ability to tap into renewable energy adds to the positive environmental messaging of the brand and product.

In a world where everyone is looking for individuality, the NKD can be customised and personalised to suit individual taste. The ‘meccano’ styling has that retro handmade feel about it, reinforcing a custom appeal.

It doesn’t resemble a mass-produced product, giving it a sense of uniqueness and intrigue. The Jury loves how the retro custom styling is in complete contrast to the technology and powertrain that sits within. It’s very cool…0-100 in 3.9 secs…WOW! The fact that the NKD can claim this world-leading performance number yet deliver range, speaks to the technical challenges that the team has overcome through the development of the NKD.

There are lower power options for the more conservative rider. The smaller wheels and lower centre of gravity helps with the safety of the bike and enables the NKD to be ridden safely in several different terrains.

Overall, the NKD is a cool step towards the shift to more environmentally-friendly mobility solutions. Low running costs, high performance, range, customisation, safety, low service costs, the use of recyclable materials all add to a well thought out solution.”

Fonzarelli Founder, Michelle Nazzari, says she is beyond proud to have the NKD named as having the most outstanding exterior of any automotive entry. “When we launched Australia’s first electric motorcycle last year, we knew the NKD – in addition to its environmental and performance credentials – had to deliver an electrifying aesthetic.

From stuntmen to old school riders, we’ve enjoyed a host of great feedback on our ‘street-legal beast’. But to be recognised as delivering the year’s most impressive exterior across the entire automotive category is an incredible endorsement.”


2020 Best Interior Design Award, Bombardier Vlocity VL80. Designed by Bombardier Transportation Industrial Design Team and commissioned by Rolling Stock Development Asset and Networks Division, Department of Transport (DOT).

The VLocity-VL80 passenger trains have been designed and built by Bombardier Australia for Victoria’s regional rail network. They represent a considered evolution of the iconic predecessor originally supplied by Bombardier (2005 Australian Good Design Award winner) which has been serving the Victorian community since 2004 in partnership with DOT & V/line.

The Jury loved this project, commenting, “Although VLocity-VL80 is a fleet extension of an existing platform, the Bombardier team have taken the opportunity and have made significant changes to improve the appearance, functionality and safety of the train. The team have researched and defined the most significant changes needed to address safety, compliance and user needs.

Frontal crush cone and compliance changes enabled a new driver’s cabin and fresh face to the train. The remainder of the interior changes were driven by research that determined current and future traveller’s needs. e.g. accessibility and comfort for the ageing demographics and people with disabilities.

The result of the development is a balanced approach that offer the best possible solution within the constraints of budget and mandatory changes. The team has done an outstanding job in finding that balance. The styling of the VLocity-VL80 is progressive from its predecessor.

Designers and engineers have collaborated well and captured the essence of the original sketch, which is fresh and aero inspired. The forms are soft and friendly, whilst the graphic elements add to the sense of speed by blending the front cone design to the side of the train. It’s a well-considered and balanced design.

Clever use of virtual tools was used to resolve driver and passenger ergonomics and functional issues. Passenger flow studies were used to determine the best interior layout solutions to manage passenger comfort.

The result is a well thought out solution that combines a wide range of advanced manufacturing and material technologies which improve the driver and passenger experience, increasing safety and efficiency whilst reducing cost and weight. Conscious of the environment, the team at Bombardier chose recyclable materials where possible to further reinforce the messaging around sustainable mobility solutions.

Overall, the design team have delivered a fresh design that overcomes significant new challenges around compliance and user interface. The result is commendable, progressive and well resolved. A thorough revamp that has addressed a number of significant issues for users and drivers, resulting in an improved overall product and user experience.

On receiving the Award, the Bombardier Design Team said, “Bombardier Transportation Australia are very honored to receive this recognition for the Best Interior Design Award for the Vlocity VL80. This award acknowledges the unique challenges our Industrial Design team face, balancing the vast demographic of user needs against the many constraints of rollingstock functionality in the public transport sector. Our interior design needs to meet legislative requirements, endure high frequency of use, satisfy public safety, and embrace inclusivity.

Vehicle production must be cost-effective and standardised but conversely bespoke and low volume.

Beyond this, we desire to innovate, to meet and exceed our customer needs, and to create a lasting emotional connection with every passenger and the community. We thank Good Design Australia for this recognition and look forward to submitting future innovation within the transport sector as technology blurs the distinction between public and private transport.”


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